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Clive Newman

Clive studied Electronic, then Software Engineering, before joining ZED Tunnel Guidance. Now working as a Senior Project Engineer he is primarily involved with Research and Development.

Colin Bent

Initially in the Scientific Civil Service at the National Physical Laboratory, Colin graduated in Geology at the University of Manchester, worked with Gearhart Geodata, before joining ZED Tunnel Guidance. He’s main role is Sales Manager, but also provides a subsidiary role in field service.

Mick Lowe

Mick read Physics at University College London, worked with Decca Radar and Marconi Space and Defence systems, before joining ZED Instruments. He’s a Chartered Engineer and Senior Project Engineer sharing responsibility for new developments. He is also involved with other areas including field service.

Mikael Simonsson

Mikael studied Electronic Engineering at the University of Warwick, moving to Software when joining Philips Consumer Electronics. A developer for laser engraving products at ZED Instruments until enrolling with ZED Tunnel Guidance as Project Engineer with a primary function in Research and Development of PC based Software.

Steve Gash

Following 14 years with Aardvark Technical Services as a PCB Manufacturing Supervisor Steve joined ZED to enable the company to manufacture all its component pcb’s (printed circuit boards) and cable assemblies in-house. As Head of PCB and Cable Manufacturing he’s long experience ensures high build quality and short lead times.

Matt Broadbent

Matt read Mechanical Engineering at the University of the West of England and following graduation joined ZED. Primarily responsible for all production, calibration and repair he also helps in providing on-site support. His duties include backup for the companies Research and Development with 3D modelling and technical drawing.

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